Friday, 10 October 2014

On Holidays! - Prints of darkness

Hello everyone!

  It's been a really long time since I last updated the series "On Holidays!". I'am posting some prints of darkness that turned out really good, although I'm not really accustomed to shooting in low light. The locatons of the photos are a great restaurant at Ios Island, Greece (whose decoration was amazing in general), an adorable cafe in Athens and on board. 

  I've come to the conclusion I'd rather shoot in low light sometimes. I love the mysterious atmosphere and the analogue details that are captured. My next goal is to develop my greatest film so far, so I chose b&w film for this mission and I am pretty selective on what to shoot. I guess some portaits will do !

Saturday, 20 September 2014

On Holidays! - Ios Island (2nd Part)

Hey everyone! 

  I had a really busy and tough week, studying, sitting some exams and pushing my limits. I couldn't find some spare time to post my 2nd post from the series "On Holidays!", although I was looking forward to it. But, at last, the weekend came and I'm taking some days off! 

  In this part, I am posting some analogue shots while on board. The sea was in turmoil for a great part of our journey, so waves were crashing on our ferry and on the rocks of the islands we were passing by. Despite the dizziness the angry sea brought about, the view on the horizon was amazing. It made me feel like a tiny drop in this ocean of anger, but, in the same time, safe, cause I am trusting Mother Nature. Except for the sea sceneries and the harbours we visited on our way to Ios, I am including some shots from special things on the ferry, like a cute dog and two cute girls from abroad, who caught my attention because they were sitting on the floor, despite the wind, the heavy waterdrops and high salinity.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

On Holidays! - Ios Island/ Apostolos on board (1st Part)

Hey everyone!

  I am publishing the series "On Holidays !", which consists of some of all those beautiful moments that turned this summer into an unforgettable, lovely experience. The series is predicted to include many posts since I had 4 films developed lately, plus one waiting to be finished ! Shots come from Ios Island, from my hometown in Northern Greece and from Bulgaria (took them during the one day trip to Bansko).

  So, in this very first post, I am publishing some shots I took with my dearest friend, Apostolos, on board. Apostolos has been hosted again in my blog, but it's the very first time I am devoting a whole post for him. And there's a reason to do so. As you're gonna notice, he is so irresistibly handsome, but the most important is that, on the same time, he's a very sympathetic and caring human. He loves photography as a mean of self and art expression. In the photos following, we tried to add some emotion, but what mostly aroses in some of them is some kind of nostalgia (that's my perspective).

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Trip to Strofylia | 3rd Part (last day)

  In this last part, I am presenting some random photos of my trip. They mainly come from the forest's beautiful locations (in and close to it) but I also include a post sunset photo (which is admittedly one of my favorite) taken from the hotel's balcony and also an abandoned wooden lodge found next to the shore. 

  The forest was surrounded by open fields full of short vegetation. After getting into it, I found out that the dominant type of tree was the one with the umbrella shaped leafage, which I really liked. What amazed me the most though was a vast animal nest made from tree branches. Unfortunately I didn't learn what kind of animal is capable of creating this elaborate thing, but I guess it's something I don't want to meet face to face.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Trip to Strofylia | 2nd Part (the Swamp)

The second part of my trip to Strofylia is here!

  As I mentioned in my previous post (see here), Strofylia is famous for it's unique combination of ecosystems, most of them I was lucky enough to visit. In this part, I am presenting the astonishing swamps. 

  The swamps beauty (despite the kind of repelling smell) comes from it's lush roof which consists of elaborate trunks and their heavy leafage. The latter also create a maze with lights and shadows, as sunlight partly gets through, small passes and hidden traps (due to the sticking moving sand underwater). The whole place is an adventure challenge! In spite of the inummerable insects and mosquitos, we found a turtle and some salamanders  in a former stage of transformation too.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Trip to Strofylia | 1st part

  I will be publishing a series of photos, all taken at different sites of a special area I visited lately. This place (called Strofylia) is located in Peloponnisos and is characterized by a substantially wide range of different ecosystems, such as Mediterranean - like fields,  high salinity lakes, isolated sandy beaches, swamps, forests composed by unique trees and some rocky areas. Due to this beautiful combination, Strofylia is a highly protected area. 
  My trip's main purpose was to sample insects, amphibians and reptiles from these special sites. Visitng such a paradise though is surely not a thing in my routine, so taking some pictures of the sceneries was in my mind. I tried to immortalize various moments of all the spots mentioned above. I will begin my journey presenting a dog taking a nap close to the shore, the ultimate view captured up from the mountain (where we met a scorpion), a beautiful glade and some free cows on the opposite site of the river.